16 Janet Jackson Barbie Dolls That We’d Like To See

Janet "Pleasure Principle" Barbie
Long before Willow Smith whipped her hair back and forth, Janet Jackson, armed with a couple of chairs, a pair of second-skin jeans and one fabulous haircut, put her neck into it. The "Pleasure Principle" Barbie rocks the same iconic cut, tied black t-shirt, black jeans, knee pads and black and white Adidas. Leaving no detail out, the package also includes a chair, denim jacket and Adidas wristband. Her ultra-pliable limbs make it easy for "Pleasure Principle" Barbie to replicate many of the moves from the music video. Just press play and get ready break a sweat. No "Pleasure Principle" experience would be complete without the commemorative "Pleasure Principle" Barbie Dream Glam Warehouse. Recreate the video in your own room! Dream Glam Warehouse and additional chairs sold separately. -- Ivory

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