Black Thought & The Roots Make ‘The Christmas Song’ Sound Oh So Sweet

I'm used to Black Thought ripping the mic to shreds as one of the illest rappers in the game right now. But color me shocked and awed when he opened his mouth last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and belted out "The Christmas Song" sounding like an old soul crooner. I've heard Thought sing here and there before, but never like this. The Roots' frontman went in on Nat King Cole's holiday standard. I don't want Black Thought to start rapping any less, but I am gonna need him to start singing some more. Plus, I wouldn't be mad if I got a Roots Christmas album in my stocking out of the deal either. And let's give it up for James Poyser who is tickling the hell outta those ivories. Pour yourself some rum with a little egg nog in it and enjoy.

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