Bounce-Worthy: Candice Anitra

When an album is entitled Bark Then Bite you get the feeling that the person, in this case the woman, behind the music it is a little bit feisty, a little bit edgy. Well, in the case of Candice Anitra the cap certainly fits. The songstress combines elements of soul, funk and a slight rock edge to create a sound that, while not unique, certainly makes her stand out in a very crowded marketplace. "Objectify," the lead single from the project, should be a lesson to all those scantily clad femmes (yes, you, Keri Hilson) that being sexy does not have to involve pelvic thrusts and dirty talk. Another song,"Too Much Woman," might as well be Candice's personal anthem. Take a listen to the aforementioned tracks below, then after the bounce check the video for "Objectify," which is certainly one of my favorites of the year.

After the bounce

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