Charlie Wilson Is Still Going Strong

Your uncle Charlie Wilson has been quite busy this year. Far from his days as lead singer of the Gap Band, the man has become hip hop's go-to hookman and is finding new success on his own. He's picking up where Nate Dogg left off in the mid-'90s, jumping on anything with a beat, and singing all the way to the bank. In the last five years, he has beat prostate cancer and scored two GRAMMY nominations along the way. His vocals can be heard all up and through Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and on hooks with everyone from Lil' Kim and Justin Timberlake to Snoop Dogg and Beyoncé. Capitalizing off of his new shine, first name Charlie, last name Wilson is dropping a new album, Just Charlie, on December 7th, led by the Urban Adult Contemporary hit single "You Are." Because of his undeniable contributions to music, I'll contain my hateration and give him a pass on wearing cornrows and shades indoors while approaching 60. Check him out in the studio working on a new remix of Kanye's "Flashing Lights." If anyone has still got it, Uncle Charlie does.

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