Is Diddy-Dirty Money’s ‘Last Train’ Worth Diddly?

Going against Rule #432 in the Life-Ruining Moguls Handbook--giving music away...for free--Sean "Diddy" Combs released a mixtape over the weekend in anticipation of his new album. Last Dollar Van to Bed Stuy Last Train to Paris Prelude gives fans a taste of what is to come from the Diddy-Dirty Money collective. Diddy teamed up with fashion bible Vogue for the release, citing fashion as the inspiration for the album, which in turn inspired the cover art above. This may also inspire many to wonder how Ashy Larry Tyrese got time off from Target so close to Christmas to appear at the photo shoot.

The set features four songs from the frequently delayed vanity project, as well as Sean doing what he does best: talking over records. Here, you'll find Diddy on emo overload, silently introducing the new self-depreciating, love-seeking alter-ego "Gay Electronica." He laments the woes of love and loss, prophesizing over busy, futuristic beats, dropping gems such as "That day that God made love, he was on some real bullsh*t." Classic.

Production-wise, the music is actually bearable. If it were possible to mute his vocals, you'd have an enjoyable body of danceable tracks. My judgment tells me I should dismiss the effort, but a knocking beat is a knocking beat. The sound is less hip hop and more of a shame-free collection of electro-European love-bashing dance songs. I guess.

Rather than call in cosigns from your favorite rappers, your boy calls in designers Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi, Tommy Hilfiger and Vogue Contributing Editor André Leon Talley to talk between songs. Thug life, right? The Dirty Money crew performed on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, where Diddy allowed the highest paid background vocalists in town, Michelle and Kelly, Dawn Richards and Kalenna Harper to shine a little. Brava, mouth-breather. Brava.

Will you be hopping aboard the train when it pulls into stores onto December 14th? While you contemplate that life-altering decision, peep Diddy-Dirty Money and special guest Toucan Sam Swizz Beatz performing "Ass on the Floor" from SNL and download the mixtape should you dare.

Diddy-Dirty Money Last Train To Paris Prelude [Download 1][Download 2]

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11 Responses

  1. I think i'll walk instead.....................................No way i'm buying this BS.

  2. He actually employed those folks from HIS BAND!! Wow.

  3. People, for the love of all things sacred and holy, do not buy this album. Don't buy Kanye West's album either. Don't download them either, this shit ain't worth the spit on the ground.

  4. @todd: I can't speak on this diddy dirty money flarn as I haven't heard it yet. but kanye's album is excellent. worth every penny.

  5. @ChrisAlexander: I am in fits of laughter. Thank you. "Last Dollar Van to Bed-Stuy"...
    Anyway, is Diddy so unhinged and insecure that he had to jump a whole 'nother bus and bite swag from others. I mean his attempt is obvious. And not at all effective.

  6. I like the new sound, it has a raw feeling to it. Diddy spends the majority of his time self promoting but I don’t think it hinders his attention to detail. I bet the band sounds exactly how he told them to sound.

  7. I downloaded the "prelude" last night and I was sooo surprised that I liked it. I won't be purchasing the album-rhapsody anyone? 🙂 But the sound is cool.
    @ Todd, I dont' stand for Kanye but the album is ridiculously emcompassing of all types of music.

  8. "Diddy-Dirty Money" is the name of the 'group' now?
    His ego won't allow his acts to be great. He has to insert himself everywhere. That's horrible. Those two ladies never stood a chance.

  9. Diddy is Swahili for super douche bag.

  10. I feel sorry for the 2 girls. They actually have a pretty dope sound and would be a hot item without Diddy fucking up the vibe. I wish he would let these young artists shine and just learn to keep his mouth shut!

  11. Hilarious assessment! Unchecked hubris aside, our boy Daniel Jones looks good back there on the keys. Is DIddy wearing Yeezy's red jacket from last week?