Floating Points Ensemble Has Something ‘Suite’ For You

It's hard to believe that Floating Points aka Sam Shepherd is only 23 years old. His production suggests such a level of maturity and musical understanding that it's hard to believe they came from an individual who hasn't yet celebrated a quarter of a century on this earth. This is even more apparent when he is directing the Floating Points Ensemble, a 16 piece orchestra accompanied by up-and-coming vocalist Fatima. The latest release from FPE, the double A-sided "Post Suite" and "Almost In Profile" is, to summarise in a single word, stunning. Fatima sounds the best I've ever heard her--strong, powerful and soulful--while the ensemble is, as always, on point musically. You can buy the 10" vinyl or the digital single via Ninja Tune. Make sure you check out a great example of real music. [H/T: PBB]

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  1. Yes, this is REAL music right here! Can't wait to listen to his debut LP!