Jesse Boykins III Makes The Ladies In London Swoon

London is fast becoming the place to be if you want to catch some some good quality, live, independent soul music. This past Saturday saw Jesse Boykins III perform his first headlining UK gig, and, as you may have guessed, the ladies were out in force. Luckily for us so were the good folks over at SoulCulture who captured some of his performance on tape. One young lady in particular was in for a memorable evening as Jesse handpicked her to join him on stage as he performed the fan favourite "Pantyhose." Now the eagle-eyed amongst you may recognize the lady in question as up and coming singer/songwriter Szjerdene who has been featured on these very pages. (Keep an eye out for more from her very soon.) Peep his performance and her priceless reaction.

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  1. Ok.... I'm officially a fan of his now, and going to get some pantyhose. I love discovering real music