Prince Surprises ‘The View,’ Proves Mythical Status

This morning on The View was a special one. His Royal Badness aka Prince made a surprise visit. The kind of visit that is only slightly rivaled by Oprah giving away free vehicles and doodads on her annual show that results in shrieks from the audience only rivaled by flying dragons from Mordor. Prince emerged with his "shy" persona in tow since it's Thursday after all, presenting each member of The View with two tickets to his upcoming Welcome 2 America tour when it stops at Madison Square Garden. Even Elizabeth Hasselbeck had to stop scowling for a moment and enjoy her good fortune. Prince then proceeded to kiss Barbara Walters' hand in respect, which, if she would have planned it better, would have resulted in her hand not aging past the moment he bestowed it with the gift of agelessness. Of course, Sherri Shepherd had to go and ruin the moment by stating that she's wanted to make love to him since she was a child or something like that, which irreparably damaged Prince's perfectly tuned inner ears. Or his sensibilities. I can't determine which one. He then exited stage left with two perfectly timed flourishes and flew away on his black Pegasus--it matched his suit--and called out to other mythical creatures by singing in a key mere mortals cannot hear. I swear that's what happened. Prove it to yourself after you watch below. [H/T: Gawker

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5 Responses

  1. I was shocked when I heard them say 'Prince'...had to run to the TV.
    I knew Sherri was going to do something stupid just by the way she was acting when Prince stood next to her...."Can I have your gloves?'......dang Gyrl!

  2. After several of the greats passed these past few years, I swore to myself that I would never miss another concert of my favorite artists bc you never know when the next time is the last time. I doubt this tour will come to my state, but "have Prince, will travel!" I will be there!

  3. I died at dragons from Mordor!!! And I thought pegusi only came in white or glitter. Guess you can get whatever you want when you're rich!

  4. So Sherri can mess up ANYTHING now? SMH>

  5. I'm sure Prince threw up a little in his mouth when Sherri said she wanted to sleep with him. Hell I threw up a little just watching her desperate ass:-)