Sample What Ursula Rucker ‘Said’

I'll admit it: I have been sleeping heavily on Ursula Rucker. I am semi-familiar with her work with The Roots and earlier this year I couldn't stop playing her collaboration with Incognito on the song "Gotta," but I don't think I have listened to a single track that she has released as a solo artist. To be totally honest, spoken word as a whole (other than The Floacist and Jill Scott) is a movement that has passed me by. But with this nine-minute sampler for her newly released album, She Said, Ursula Rucker has me craving more. If you like what you hear as much as I do, then click on the iTunes link to add this one to your collections. For more Ursula, hit the bounce to view two videos of her speaking about this new project. [H/T: BLS]
After the bounce

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