Are You Convinced By Ryan Leslie’s ‘Beautiful Lie’?

Prolific singer/songwriter/musician/producer Ryan Leslie has been staying quite busy since dropping his debut and sophomore albums in 2009. We'll see at least one new album from him this year with the independent release of Les Is More, and now that he's gotten his stolen laptop back who knows what else is in store. What we do know, however, is that RLes debuted a new song in Paris last week, and he packaged up the footage into a slick video for the world premiere of "Beautiful Lie." Leslie alternates between rapping and singing with his heavily-synthesized sound remaining in tact. I don't necessarily know if this song will continue his winning streak of hit first singles (Ryan Leslie's "Diamond Girl" and Transition's "You're Not My Girl" were both certified bangers), but at the very least this video is a good peek into Ryan's energetic one-man stage show. 



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