Chadlee Shows Us That Some ‘Starrs’ Shine ‘Forever’

Although they had peaked by the time I debuted in this world, Atlantic
's music could regularly be heard in my family's home in the '80s.
There's even video of me singing their 1987 hit "Always" to my sister's
Raggedy Ann doll. Last week I received an unexpected treat from producer Chadlee of Outbox Records, in the form of Starrs Forever, an EP celebrating the R&B group's legacy. Crafted with snippets of Atlantic Starr vocals, the nine-track instrumental collection brings back some great memories and makes me miss Barbara Weathers (the better frontwoman, in my humble opinion) even more. I was previously introduced to Chadlee (sometimes credited as Chadleroy) via his production for labelmate Tree Woods on "Reach The Sky" from The Music In Your Eyes Project: Book I last year. Haven't heard much else from him, but since his work doesn't infringe upon a classic sound like many "tributes," he's earned a new fan in me. Check out "Starrs Forever," which samples 1983's "Yours Forever" right here and bounce on over to Bandcamp to download the entire project.

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