Freddie Joachim Twists Little Dragon’s ‘Twice’

Although most content on the internet can truly be said to be of no educative or enriching value, most of the music found on the internet seems to reach to new depths of depravity. Think of all the countless remixes that hang and lurk around various platforms that only serve to contribute to the cacophony of useless audible fodder. From beneath this rubble of noise exists remixes that serve to restore one's faith in the progression of music, much like that rose that grew from concrete. Little Dragon has been enchanting its listeners ever since they gained a worldwide following a few years ago and the remixes of their tracks must surely be in the thousands. San Diego producer/DJ Freddie Joachim has managed to take on of my favorite melancholy tracks of theirs, "Twice," and keep the moodiness while adding an ephemeral, hopeful element simultaneously. I guarantee you'll be playing this track at least "twice." 

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