Ghostface Killah Isn’t Bringing Us ‘2Getha’ With This ‘Baby’

Listen, Ghostface. You know I love you long time and like cooked food. That being said, this video for your new single from Apollo Kids, "2Getha Baby," a song I gushed over, is woefully lacking. I wholly understand that you inhabit a world full of stimulant-laced blunts, malt liquor, thick-lipped and thick-hipped honey dips, and your crew who still dress like it's 1995. I also mostly applaud you for staying in your lane and not resorting to wanting to do what the kids are doing these days, namely rhyming over beats that are constantly threatened to be taken over by lasers and angry robots. As much as I would like to give credit to whomever directed this video for keeping it 100, you quite frankly were doing the same thing in this video for "Cherchez La Ghost"--but that was eleven years ago. Sidenote: I'm not quite sure mentioning Michelle Obama while a young, hot thang writhes in the shower is the best look. But then again maybe I'm not seeing your vision. Oh well. I still have love for you, Ghost, just not this video. In the meantime, I'm going to hope that something more interesting is on the horizon. 

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