Jonsein’ Adds A Touch Of ‘Hney’ To TiRon’s ‘MSTRD’

Last week, the Los Angeles-based lyricist TiRon announced a remix contest, soliciting reworkings of 2010's MSTRD. Upon first listen of the original release, available for free via his Bandcamp page, the tone of his voice gave me a Kanye-like effect. Also Chicago-born, his flow is reminiscent of a humbler Mr. West, and his content is similarly engaging. After uploading the instrumentals of the set via his Tumblr page, submissions poured in. One of the more notable efforts, though, is Hney Mstrd from Swedish producer Jonesin' For Sum Comfort Food. Drenched in '80s samples and nostalgic soundbites, the reworking keeps the focus on TiRon's, but quite honestly, proves to be a better listen than the original. Personally, a standout track is "60901," a backhanded ode to his hometown of Kankakee, Illinois, a town right outside of Chicago. While the original featured instrumentation courtesy of Oddisee, this version features a sample of Keith Sweat's "Make It Last Forever," and closes out with a few lines from Michael Jackson's "The Lady In My Life." Dope. Here's to Jonesin's entry of remixing TiRon's MSTRD makes the grade once contest winners are announced February 15th on The Cafeteria Line's site. Until then, enjoy this sweetened version of "60901."

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