The Floacist Sets Temperatures Rising With ‘Let Me’

First off let me add a disclaimer: This video is probably NSFW. With that said, when the teaser for The Floacist's "Let Me" dropped a few weeks back I'm sure it raised a few eyebrows. Although only giving us a glimpse here and there, it was clear that we would be seeing a whole different side of Natalie Stewart. Sure, she has released tracks previously as part of Floetry that were equally as sexy and seductive, but we have never before got to see this side of her on video. Adorned with her beautifully intricate tatoos, and not much else, Natalie sets out to seduce her equally-naked male lead, finally luring him with her forbidden fruit. While pretty simple in concept, the video oozes temptation, sexuality and seduction from start to finish. These are often the themes that mainstream videography seem to get oh so wrong, so let this serve as a masterclass for those trying to achieve sexy while remaining classy. Start running that cold shower now, then sit back, relax, and let this video take you away.

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