Dr. Dre’s New Video Is Just What The ‘Doctor’ Ordered

When you've had a career like the legendary Dr. Dre, you are entitled to some melodrama. And that's exactly what his new video for "I Need A Doctor" delivers, with really stunning results. It all begins with Dre gazing ponderously at the ocean from a cliff as clips from his earlier days with NWA, Death Row, and Aftermath flash in front of him. He then gets into a flashy car, drives at high speeds, and crashes. From there, it's about his resuscitation. The angelic Skylar Grey floats around Dre's body as a team of scientists work to bring him back. Eminem performs his moving verses with more intensity than he already brings, building the tension so that when Dre comes back all jacked and triumphant there's enough gravitas to sell the idea that this is the beginning of the end. The video is really well done and definitely worth watching.

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