J Dilla Stays ‘Shining’ In This Remembrance Film

We may all still be swept up in the Country Music Awards GRAMMY Awards from last night, but we would be remiss if we did not address one of our shining stars who does not always receive the accolades he deserves. Still Shining, despite its less-than-stellar typography or trailer is here. The nearly 40-minute-long remembrance piece is actually very much worth seeing despite the collective sigh of disdain heard around these parts when the trailer first surfaced. Filmed in 2006 shortly after J Dilla's passing, Still Shining is chock full of footage of his beat-making, rhyming, and commentary from those who knew him best, including Pete Rock, House Shoes, Erykah Badu, Questlove, Bilal, Common, and many others. It was especially moving to see Ms. Yancey be able to speak so lovingly of her son's genius after his funeral without shedding nary a tear. Trust me, it's worth watching. Make sure you take some time out of your day to do so and press play below. 

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