Omarion Desecrates Classic Jodeci, We Are Not Amused

Listen here, little boy. I have half a mind to take you outside so you can pick your own switch and remedy you of the delusion that you could attempt to half-assedly remake Jodeci's  "Come And Talk To Me" remix. Granted, Omarion, I can without hesitation admit that I really loved your "Entourage" from a few years ago. But this "Come And F--k Wit Me" is pure shite. Not only did you manage to unnecessarily swear and growl-sing all over this short two minute teaser video but you shouting "This is only for the ladies!" is not helping your cause one bit. Even at K-Ci and JoJo's most inebriated mental states, they at least managed to sound as though they cared about what they were singing about. You, Omarion? You sound like you're still upset that someone had the nerve to purport that you were bisexual and are trying to overcompensate by sounding like what you imagine a man should sound like in order to prove his heterosexuality. In short, this is annoying. Look at your life, Omarion. Look at your choices. Then never choose to do this again. Thank you. By the way, this video is highly NSFW. [H/T:SF]

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