Will You Be A ‘Fool’ For This Cee-Lo & Melanie Fiona Track?

Well, the dust has settled. I've stopped practicing my drop kicks in case of any chance encounters with Melanie Fiona after watching her Chaka Khan tribute last week. Allowing her to redeem herself, I decided to give her new collaboration with Cee-Lo Green a chance. Taken from The Lady Killer, this radio version of "Fool For You" features a convincing performance from Canada's answer to Keyshia Coleslaw. Fiona's vocals overtake those of Earth, Wind & Fire's Philip Bailey who is featured on the original, causing me to trade my chick-how-dare-you-stank face for my skeptical-but-nonviolently-opposed-okay-I-don't-hate-this face. Fine. If Cee-Lo fell for her faux-soul act, then I guess I can at least call off the angry mob and put the guillotine back in the closet. For now. Take a listen and see if this pair work for you. Please excuse the radio rip and Steve Harvey babble at the end.

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