Carlitta Durand Shows Us Who ‘iCarli’ Is

With so much free music to be had on the net, it's possible for some of it to get lost in the sauce. But when an artist like Carlitta Durand drops some freeness on you, you better take note and download it with the quickness. In the event that you were caught up in the hype of the holidays and missed her freEP, Nostalgic Nights, that she released on Christmas Eve last year, then here's her video for the song "iCarli" from the project to bring it back to the forefront. I happened to love the EP, so it's good to see that she's still promoting it and releasing videos. Here, Carlitta is kicking it with her peeps and singing at what appears to be a house party. The video's laid-back vibe matches that of the track, which samples Roy Ayers' "Searchin'."

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