Curtiss King Breaks It Down About Pumas, Cubs & Cougars On ‘P.C.C.’

Like many women, it seems as if the older that I get, the younger the men that I date get. Don't get me wrong, I don't discriminate on brothas my age and up, but I'm more apt to be attracted to a young buck than someone eligible for their AARP card. Although I personally don't consider myself a cougar, if the stiletto fits, I might as well wear it. With that in mind, I am totally loving Curtiss King's new track "P.C.C." Sampling Janet Jackson's "I Get So Lonely," the 26-year-old King spits about pumas, cubs, and cougars and professes his preference for the latter. He shouts out famous cougars such as Demi Moore and Halle Berry and even throws Sandra Bullock into his meow mix. This song is thoroughly entertaining as is the picture video that you can view after the bounce.

After the bounce

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