Jesse Boykins III’s ‘Prototype’ Comes To Life

Pulling off a worthy cover of a classic song is not an easy feat. While covers usually serve to pay tribute to the original version or artist, the bigger purpose should be to add another dimension and improve upon the original, if at all possible. I came across Jesse Boykins III's cover of Andre 3000's "Prototype" last fall and was ridiculously skeptical before listening. Having just heard Jazmine Sullivan's pedestrian, forgettable version, I wasn't especially hyped for someone else's rendition. Thankfully, he did Dre justice. I adore Jesse's cover, and now he's released long-awaited visuals for the song, only increasing my respect for his artistry. The short film features his massive hair, some beautiful African and jazz dance moments, and a surprise yet sweet and sappy ending. Fitting, soothing visuals for a smooth, bump & grind playlist-worthy jam.

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