Leave Your Nine To Five Up On The Shelf & Visit ‘Hollywood Tonight’ With Michael Jackson

I have admittedly avoided Michael Jackson's posthumous release, MICHAEL, like Rihanna avoids singing lessons. All of the pre-release leaks turned me off majorly, and, after coming off of our Summer of Michael Jackson extravaganza, I was perfectly content to ignore this new record and listen to a continuous loop of Off the Wall while clutching the album cover to my bosom and rocking back and forth. However, with the release yesterday of the video for the song "Hollywood Tonight" hitting over 100,000 views on YouTube overnight, I was led watch it to see what, if anything, I was missing. Thankfully Akon's wounded goat bleating is nowhere to be found, and T-Pain's bootleg Rosie the Robot impression is absent. Produced by Teddy Riley, this is allegedly all MJ on a track that mimics his vintage work and it's something that I amazingly don't hate. My blood pressure was also not raised as I watched the video, which focuses on a female dancer trying to make it in those mean palm tree-lined Hollywood streets. This young lady can dance her behind off. Her MJ moves are quite impressive, and his presence is there throughout the video to give her the inspiration she needs to keep at her dream. I think the King of Pop would approve. 

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