Melanie Fiona Pays Tribute To Women With ‘I Am Every Woman’ Photo

Despite releasing a dismal and depressing video this week, I haven't written Melanie Fiona off. It'll take more than that for me to kick her to the curb, and with her photographic tribute to Women's History Month surfacing today, the likelihood of that happening is less and less. Mel teamed up with photographer Derek Blanks, and together they
took her Alter Ego shoot to the next level with 11 versions of herself to bring the "Sistory: I Am Every Woman" theme to life. In the photo, Fiona can be seen as a businesswoman, a flower child, a suffragette, and in other looks to portray women from all walks of life and eras to celebrate our advancements and accomplishments over the years. Kudos to Melanie and Derek for this winning concept. Click the photo above for a larger version and hit the bounce for behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.       

After the bounce

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