Mr. President Taps Into The Past To Tell Us That The ‘Best Is Yet To Come’

There is a resurgence of funk happening, and I am loving every nasty bassline and gritty groove that I hear. This new brand of funk is coloring outside of the lines, however, and incorporating everything from afrobeat to electro soul yet giving a vintage vibe. Enter French music producer Patchworks whose new music under the moniker Mr. President sounds as if it was recorded in a time capsule. Channeling the work of Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield during their heyday, Mr. President's upcoming Number One will have you breaking out your finest polyester bell bottoms and afro pick with the fist to get into character. Not that it will take much after you listen to the uplifting single "Best Is Yet To Come" featuring Hawa and Mr. Day on vocals and watch the accompanying video, which is a montage of footage from the '70s. I'm unable to place its origin, but it looks to have been culled from a few sources to piece together the visuals.
Whatever the case, this jam has me wanting to start a one-woman Soul Train line in my living room right now and get down with the get down. For more funk from Patchworks/Mr. President, look out for the release of Number One on March 7th.

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