Nu:Tone’s ‘Word And Pictures’ Adds Some Soul To Drum ‘N’ Bass

Drum 'n' Bass has never been a genre of music I've paid much attention to. More often than not the beats seem overly repetitive, it generally lacks soul, and on the occasions where vocals are included they're usually a bit on the bland side. So what attracted me to D'n'B producer Nu:Tone's (aka Dan Gresham) new album then you may ask? Well, a quick look at the tracklisting should answer that. His new album, Words and Pictures, features contributions from Natalie Williams, Ben Westbeech, Heidi Vogel, 4hero, and Stac amongst others, and while the music isn't to my usual tastes I can appreciate what Nu:Tone has created. Highlights for me, predictably, are those tracks that touch on the soulful tip and "The Feeling" featuring Ben Westbeech certainly fits the bill. The pulsating backdrop combined with Ben's smooth vocal give rise to a track possessing a euphoric energy that makes it impossible to sit still. On the flip-side we have "Piece Of You" featuring the lovely Stac, which is the perfect "come-down" from "The Feeling." Even if D'n'B isn't usually your thing, I recommend you check this out.

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