Stephanie Renee Gives Us A Taste Of ‘Mouth Music’

Singing a cappella is an artform in and of itself. It's already been established that not every singer can sing without the aid of studio tricks, and of those who can, not all singers can sing without the accompaniment of instruments. Washington, DC native and former Philly resident Stephanie Renee, however, is in that group of vocalists who don't need trickery or instruments because she makes all of the music with her mouth. On her aptly titled new EP, Mouth Music, you'll get to hear Stef flex her talent on her third a cappella and spoken word release. Mouth Music picks up where previous releases Tuning Forked Tongue and Hot Lips left off and takes it to a new level. Listen to Stephanie Renee on the 10-minute EP sampler to hear her discuss the project as well as share some hearty samples of her versions of songs by Michael Jackson, Teena Marie, Quincy Jones, Sting, and more. Mouth Music will be released on Tuesday, March 8th via her Bandcamp page, and if you're in the DMV area, the EP launch party will be on Thursday, March 10th at the Center for Green Urbanism in Washington, DC. Click here for more info and click play below to enjoy a taste of Stephanie Renee's latest.

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