These Little Children Are A ‘Thriller’

I vividly remember performing in school programs and plays back in my elementary school days, but we didn't get down quite like this group of pre-schoolers who did a routine to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for their Black History Month program a few weeks ago. This video features a band of pint-sized zombies and a four-year-old star-in-the-making simply known as Trevor filling MJ's sequined glove. Trevor's proud mama is holding the camera, screaming "that's my baby!" as proud mama's do, and laughing at the sheer comedy of these uncoordinated cherubs trying their best to recreate Michael Peters' choreography.
A wig malfunction sends Trevor running backstage and prematurely ends the performance--or so we think. Because like any true professional knows, the show must go on, and Trevor returns to the stage for his big finish, which can be seen after the bounce. This is the most darling thing ever. Prepare for cute overload. I'm sure Michael is smiling.

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