Usher Gives You ‘More,’ But Do You Want It?

If this were opposite day, the song's title would be exactly what I desire from this new Auto-Tune-loving, emo, EuroTrash incarnation of Usher we're faced with as of late. Continuing his trend-chasing journey into the bowels of international pop hell, the father of two has unleashed a visual for "More," included on the deluxe edition of Man vs. Beast Raymond vs Raymond. The clip features footage of his trek through the UK as part of the OMG Tour. See him stand, point, spin, jump, hump, and sing a mile outside of his range before adoring, paying fans. Here, you'll also see some of the most awkward closeups of a man over 30 with a teenager's haircut ever captured on film. Don't believe me? Fast forward to the 2:22 mark. Oh, the horror. Ever wanted to see an aging studio singer emote over a beat rejected by The Black Eyed Peas Justin Bieber? Whoomp, here it is.

Sidenote: Take note of the super-fast editing of the dance shots, also utilized in Britney's latest travesty, intended to mask the fact that the performer before you is but a shell of the person we used to respect.

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