Where Is The ‘Love’ For Talib Kweli?

Talib Kweli brings to life an all too common situation in his new video for the song "How You Love Me," taken from his January release, Gutter Rainbows. After spending the night with his lady, he gets out of bed, leaves the room, and leaves old girl alone to continue sleeping. But instead of counting sheep, she's got a few other things on her mind and clearly some trust issues as she checks his cell phone and rifles through his belongings. She plays the asleep role like a seasoned actress whenever Talib returns to the bedroom, but his spidey senses tell him that something just ain't right like a Keith Sweat song. This video is both funny and sad at the same time. If you've ever been involved with a person like this--or been that person to snoop on your significant other--you'll be able to relate.



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