Willow Smith Shows Us What A ’21st Century Girl’ Looks Like

I spent the first ten seconds of the new Willow Smith video joking to myself that the ancient desert wanderer that opens the clip was likely Cicely Tyson. I mean, how funny would that be? Imagine veteran actress Cicely Tyson playing herself, "The First Negro," in a Willow Smith video. Then came the closeup. And, yes, it was, in fact, her. Well, Ensure and Depends aren't cheap, so I suppose I understand. Showing the world that she's more than a one-trick pony, the youngest of the famed Smith clan (well, except that oldest child) releases the followup to her debut smash, with "21st Century Girl." I can't really approach with my adult mind, as I'm not the target listener of this music. If "Whip My Hair" was a Rihanna impersonation, then this overproduced tween delight is a roundhouse kick to Ke$ha's unwashed, lice-infected head. The video has all of what you've come to expect from mini-Jada: running, jumping, dancing, and wearing every accessory in the closet. The song is a tad grating, but, again, it's not for me to like. In the end, she's having fun. No school, she talks to adults any way she wants, and she's already a more engaging performer than Rihanna--what's there not to smile about?

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