‘Black Dynamite’ Gets Animated For Television

Everybody's favorite kung fu fighting, lady-loving action star is set to drop kick his way onto the small screen in the very near future. An animated version of Black Dynamite, the hilarious Blaxploitation spoof starring martial artist and actor
Michael Jai White, was recently picked up by the Cartoon Network for ten
22-minute episodes to air on [adult swim] starting in spring 2012. Last week, at a screening of
the cartoon to celebrate its release as a comic book, fans were treated to the previously unseen 11-minute pilot of the
series. Imagine Black Dynamite battling vulgar, evil muppets from a
bootleg version of Sesame Street. I literally laughed out loud many times throughout. Produced by the team that brought us The Boondocks, the cartoon features the same actors joining in the mix, Kim Whitley, Tommy Davidson, the show's co-producer, Byron Minns as "Bullhorn," and new addition Clifton Powell, Patron Saint of Typecasted Actors.


For those unfamiliar with the movie, White stars as former CIA
agent and full-time lover Black Dynamite, hell bent on avenging his
little brother's death and wiping the new drug -- smack -- off the streets.
Paying tribute to the film heroes of a bygone era, the surprisingly
hilarious White and director Scott Sanders captured the nuances, lacking
production values, and unintentional humor of some of the most classic
films of the 1970s. Add to that the dozens of quotable gems and the
result is somewhat of a cult film. Instant classic. In short: it's awesome as hell.

We can only hope that the animated series fares better than The Boondocks,
which had surrendered the majority of its initial charm in its final
season. While the show has completely different intentions, hopefully
having the same hands involved won't be cause for alarm. Either way,
I'll be watching when the series premieres in spring 2012. Check out a few of the best scenes from the film here.

Black Dynamite [Official][Facebook]

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