Bounce-Worthy: Jessica Johnson

The buzz about Bounce-Worthy trio KING has been deafening since coming to everyone's attention back in February and virtually hitting the lottery with cosigns from Phonte, Questlove, and Erykah Badu to name a few. Badu even signed the queens of KING to her Control Freaq label, and big things are on the horizon for these talented ladies. While we wait for more good news and good music to come out of KING's direction, it's only fitting to share a damn good cover of one of their songs (yes, KING is already getting covered -- a sure sign that they've made it) by another Bounce-Worthy singer/songwriter, Jessica Johnson. As we're well aware, some remakes are hits and others are misses, but thankfully Jessica's take on KING's "Hey" from their EP, The Story, falls into the former category. A current student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Johnson has the makings of a star if her acapella rendition of "Hey" is any indication. Her harmonies are incredible -- everything that you hear is all her singing. Jessica even interpolates a bit of "The Story" into her arrangement, adding a sweet twist to this remake. Miss Johnson doesn't have an official release scheduled yet, but she will be writing and recording during her summer break and I can't wait to hear what she creates. Listen to "Hey" below and enjoy the freeload from her Bandcamp page, then check out Jessica and fellow Berklee student Nick Hakim on the original song "Here With You" after the bounce. Thanks to Applejac for the recommendation. 

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