Chris Turner Shares His Love For ‘stickyGREEN’

While today, April 20th, may be just another hump day for most, to potheads all around the world, it's 420, the one day set aside each year to commemorate our their love for all things cannabis. And what holiday would be complete without a song to help celebrate the festivities? One of my fave new artists on the rise, Chris Turner, is giving 420 observers something to sing about with his new single, "stickyGREEN." As if I needed another reason to geek out anymore about this man, he drops this funky ode to the green stuff, available for free-99 via his Bandcamp page. Backed by a track courtesy of legendary producer Pete Rock, Turner croons about his love for the sticky icky. Short, simple, and mellow, the song is just enough to provide the perfect backdrop to any recreational activities that are sure to take place today. And even if you have no intentions in joining in on the festivities not now and not ever, you can still put your feet up and cool out to this smoothed-out, '70s-inspired tune. Besides, when has free music ever been a bad thing?

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