Jagged Edge Has ‘The Remedy’ With This ‘Love Potion’

We've already gone on record numerous times here at SoulBounce about our love jones for Jagged Edge. Twins Brandon and Brian Casey, Kyle Norman, and Richard Wingo have tickled our collective fancies since their 1998 debut, A Jagged Era, and have continued through the years with a string of hits, both slow jams and uptempo jawns, that showcased harmonies tighter than some liquid leggings on Precious. They are currently prepping for the June 21st release of their new album, The Remedy, and their signature sound is back and in full effect. They've given us an appetizer with the first single, "Baby," and now they serve up more from their menu on the Love Potion mixtape, which not only gives us a taste of some new songs but also collects some of their most beloved bedroom grooves in one place. This mixtape is perfect snuggling with your boo music. Should your JE collection be lacking, then this free download is just what you need to bring it up to speed. Wrap your ears around healthy snippets of new tracks "I Need A Woman" and "Flow Through My Veins," and check out the tracklist after the bounce to see if your jagged little faves made the cut.

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