Kelly Price Has ‘Daddy’ Issues With Stokley

What happens when the love has lost its shine? When smiles turns into frowns and loving glances into side-eyes? When you cling to the memories as you lose your grip in reality? Clearly you get the picture, and Kelly Price and Stokley bring that picture to life in the video for their stunning duet "Not My Daddy." Directed by actress-turned-director Regina King, the visuals for "Not My Daddy" show Price and Mint Condition's leader at a crossroads in their relationship, with a wall between them -- literally and figuratively. They communicate in song what they can't say in words as Kelly flips through a photo album of them in happier times and Stokley sits across the room playing with a piece of her jewelry. Will they stay together or will their issues tear them apart in the end? This video is definitely worth watching to find out.

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