‘Move Your Body’ & Work Out With Beyoncé

Earlier this month, First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign celebrated their partnership with Beyoncé
by releasing some footage of the making of the "Move Your Body" video that will serve to inspire children to get healthy by becoming more active. The full video premiered
yesterday, and it includes all the moves that will surely make the youngins break a sweat while dancing
along with Bey. (And, while Miss Sasha Fierce's shoes are far from practical cardio attire, you can't help
but admire her ability to work it out in those heels!) Set in a school cafeteria to push the joint message of healthy eating and getting active, the video features
kids of all shapes and sizes as well as adult dancers (teachers, coaches, and even cafeteria workers), which
should inspire not only students but adults to add this dance-along to their morning cardio routine.
Let's move!

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