Musiq Soulchild Asks ‘Dowehaveto’

Continuing his winning streak of redemption, Musiq Soulchild keeps making up for shaking our faith in
him with the first couple songs from his upcoming album, MusiqInTheMagiq, due a week from today on May 3rd. He
releases another single, "Dowehaveto," a soulful and insightful reflection on the unnecessary drama that
just doesn't need to exist in his relationship. There's a level of maturity that comes with understanding and having the ability to communicate that you are over the needless drama. And that maturity
comes out through his voice, just like in his earlier days. His voice and vocal control, which I have always loved, suits this
sentiment very well. Starting off with a '70s soul sound and ending with some simple chords, "Dowehaveto" is reminiscent of Musiq's best work, and it keeps me looking forward
to his release day.

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