Selah Sue Takes A Bite From Erykah Badu’s ‘Appletree’

If the name Selah Sue rings a bell with you, then I'll hedge my bets it's due to the fact that she collaborated with Cee-Lo Green on the track "Please" from 2010's Ladykiller LP. You may also recall our Bounce-Worthy feature on the Belgian singer at the start of the year. As we pointed out then, Selah isn't exactly a newbie to the game having released two well-received EPs incorporating an eclectic mix of genres such as soul, folk, pop, funk, and reggae. Last month saw her release her self-titled, full-length debut, which includes tracks from her previous EPs and all-new material. I've had a listen and I'm very impressed, not least because her eclecticism is very engaging, something that can't be said for all those who attempt the melting pot approach. Selah has listed one of her main influences as Erykah Badu -- a lady who herself mastered the eclectic approach -- so it shouldn't really come as any surprise that Selah chose to cover one of Badu's songs as part of an acoustic showcase she performed. Her take on "Appletree" remains faithful to the original, but her unique vocals bring something fresh to the table. Check it out below and be sure to grab a copy of Selah Sue if and when it becomes available in your part of the world (currently US and UK residents are out of luck).

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