Catch A ‘Piece’ Of Ledisi’s NYC Showcase

We already gave you the lowdown on Ledisi's NYC listening party held at the Samsung Experience Store earlier this month, but now some visuals have surfaced, which will give all of us who weren't lucky enough to catch the show something to feast our eyes and ears on. D-Money gave you a track-by-track breakdown so all I'll say here is that the two-part video below and after the bounce includes the full performance, so we get to hear five new tracks ("Shine," "Hate That You Love Me," "Simple," "Pieces Of Me," and "Shut Up") as well as a soul-stirring performance of "What Could Be Higher Than This." I'll add a quick disclaimer here: the audio on the videos isn't perfect, but neither is it awful and it will give you an insight into what to expect when Pieces Of Me hits stores on June 14th. I have a feeling that this album, and particularly "Hate That You Love Me," will be getting heavy rotation over the coming months.