Jill Scott Shows Us What ‘Love’ Looks Like On ‘Light Of The Sundays’

This past weekend, revealed the second edition in their continuing "Jill Scott: Light of the Sundays" series. This time, we're getting a behind-the-scenes look at the "So In Love" video shoot with Anthony Hamilton. Looks like the folks at Warner decided to smother "Shame" in its crib, as this is being called the official first single/video off The Light of the Sun. I'd complain, but "Shame" really wasn't the comeback vehicle either Jill or Eve needed. 

The "So In Love" footage suggests it will be your standard feel-good soul video, with our two leads dancing and flirting their way through an earthy-but-stylish sea of melanin -- curly 'fros and sexy thickums as far as the eye can see. Yeah, it's generic, but it's visually appealing. Jill looks positively radiant, and even Mr. Hamilton looks freshly showered and shaved. Nothing like that guy you wouldn't leave alone with your children or good china. 

Plus, the BTS footage actually infuses a bit of life into what I initially thought was a by-the-numbers soul record. So while I'm not 100% ready to trust Jilly with my heart again after the bitter, underwhelming The Real Thing, I'm holding out hope that I'll be a little closer by the last entry on June 26th. 

Here's hoping...

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