K Of THEY Is ‘Rolling In The Deep’

I swear that Adele's #1 stunner, "Rolling In The Deep," is the most covered song of 2011, and we aren't even halfway into the year. I'm not sick of the song...yet, but between renditions by John Legend, those GLEE kids, contestants on The Voice, and anyone with an ounce of gumption to think they can or need to sing this, I'm quickly reaching my tipping point. (I'm surprised Raheem DeVaughn hasn't covered this, but let me not speak too soon before a version pops up on his 302nd mixtape.) A surprise entry into the "Rolling In The Deep"-a-thon is from the artist formerly known as Kevin Michael who is suddenly back on my radar thanks to his turn as K of THEY and his/their salacious new tunes. I came across his take on the track after flipping through his YouTube channel, and I was immediately intrigued by...his epic hair. I mean, look at that head full of bouncy curls. So maybe I was a little distracted by his hair, but his voice and its unique character made me focus. He sounds more feminine singing the song than Adele does as he sings it in the same key. I haven't made up my mind if I like this or not, but I'm definitely fascinated by it. If you're feeling it, be sure to grab the free download he's offering up. 

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