Keke Wyatt, Kelly Price & Tweet Want Us To Take A Look In Their ‘Mirror’

I did a bit of a double-take when I came across this track. Tweet? As in, Tweet Tweet? Well, yes, so it appears. Keke Wyatt (who recently delivered her somewhat dodgy take on "Saturday Love") pulled in the big guns to appear alongside her on the track "Mirror," and it certainly dosn't disappoint. Kelly Price sounds fantastic -- as she did throughout the whole of Kelly -- and Keke holds her own, but it's Tweet's return that really put a smile on my face. Her beautiful vocals are always a welcome sound to my (and I'm sure your) ears, and just when I was thinking it has been way too long, this surfaces. The song is taken from Keke's upcoming album, Unbelievable, which is due to drop June 14th. Let's hope that 2011 is the year when all three of these talented ladies bless us with an album. 

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