Keri Hilson Has ‘Nothing’ To Offer On This Whitney Cover

Never one to shy away from controversy, professional crotch pumper Keri Hilson is at it again. Hilson, in what was, sadly, not a taping of the return of MTV's Punk'd, took the stage at the 2011 BMI Pop Music Awards in Beverly Hills and performed last night. Did she perform one of her own pop confections? Oh no. That would have been too easy. Miss Keri Baby tackled Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" in a tribute to the song's writer, David Foster. I would like to think it was that damn Laurieann Gibson -- the overzealous born-for-reality-TV choreographer behind Keri's upside-down ovarian percolations -- who put her up to this. Boom Kack clearly doesn't have Hilson's best interests at heart. And while we've yet to see a full clip of the performance, I do have to give Hilson credit. Known for shaky vocals and overly ambitious live showings, it's unfair for her to say she "has nothing." The one thing she damn sure has, to her benefit, is nerve. Endure this 30-second clip if you dare.

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