Rhian Benson Looks To ‘Be’ Caught In A Futuristic Dream

When Rhian Benson popped up on the scene back in 2003, she sent the music world into a tizzy with her debut album, Gold Coast, and the hit single, "Say How I Feel." It seemed that everybody hopped on board her fan-club caboose. She even earned the support of BET's more mainstream head honchos, who gave the video plenty of spins, in addition to giving the British-Ghanian songstress her own six-part series. Me, on the other hand, I was bored to death. It didn't take a genius to spot the talent she possessed; however, instead of eliciting cheers and excitement, all she did was induce yawns on my end. So when I saw that she had dropped a new video from her sophomore album, Hands Clean, which was released in February, let's just say that I was less than excited. However, I was pleasantly surprised once I took a listen to the song "Be," which features vocals from Jonas Rendbo, a Danish singer, who along with his partner, Daniel Fridell, handled the album's production. The result is a more experimental sound that takes Benson from the ho-hum lounge act sound that prevailed over her debut. Rhian says both the song and newly released video are about "being true to yourself and being able to find the inner you in the crazy world we live in." Echoing her new sound, the video features stark, space age visuals and eye-catching graphics. And I'm sure many of you will appreciate the image of a gold-dipped Rhian emerging from the water.

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