Rochelle Jordan Wants You To ‘Take Time’

The name of Rochelle Jordan's latest release may be "Take Time," but you will want to make haste to listen to it. Since popping up on everyone's radar a couple weeks ago with the track "How To Feel," the Toronto-based songstress wants to make sure she stays there with another relatable song full of the angst that relationships often bring on. However, unlike the melancholy tone of "How To Feel," on "Take Time" Rochelle brightens up as she tells a would-be lover that he can get it and she wants to give it but she wants to slow things down to make sure she has his heart first. RoJo has a definitive sound, but I am getting serious Ameriie when she only had one "i" in her name vibes here. Jordan and producer Klash recall the magic that Ameriie and Rich Harrison made on All I Have and "1 Thing." I'm loving what this new pair is doing and crazy excited to hear more from them.

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