Sunshine Anderson Wants You To ‘Say Something’

We've all been there, I'm sure. Standing around in the club with your friends, you spot a cutie eyeing you from afar. You do everything to let him or her know that the ball is in their court, yet all the two of you do all night is play eyeball tennis and smile across the room. Frustrating, right? Well, Sunshine Anderson puts that frustration into words in her latest single, "Say Something." Taken from her most recent album, The Sun Shines Again, the video is everything you'd expect from a song like this, with the singer and her girls partying it up on the dance floor as she challenges a hesitant dude to step up to the plate. Sunshine's voice still has the same dusky quality that first captured the ears of fans 10 years ago when she burst onto the scene with her hit single, "Heard It All Before." The only problem is that little has changed between then and now. This song could have easily fit in on her debut album, Your Woman, or even its' follow-up six years later, Sunshine at Midnight. With a talent as good as Anderson's, I'd love for her to select songs that allow her vocals to flourish and mature. Until then though, I guess we'll have to settle for standard fare.



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