Dive ‘Head First’ Into Nikka Costa’s Latest

Though she was once a child star internationally, Nikka Costa didn't pop up into my consciousness until I heard "Like a Feather," from her album Everybody Got Their Something, in a Tommy Hilfiger ad. Fast forward 10 years and three albums later, and it seems that Nikka is once again ready to take the music world by storm.
When we last checked in with Nikka, she had her "Nylons In A Rip." It seems she's gotten over that now and is ready to dive "Head First" into love. The second track taken from her upcoming Pro*Whoa! harkens back to the Everybody Got Their Something Nikka that I loved. The track is a funky, seductive romp with her usual growl traded in for an alluring whisper. Multi-layered with a tight baseline and an almost ethereal soundscape, Nikka makes an inviting plea for her lover to come join her.
This, combined with her hilarious YouTube channel, has me anxious for Pro*Whoa! to drop later this month. Do you guys wanna take a dip with Nikka? [Photo: Matthew Welch]

Nikka Costa: Head First


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