Lil’ Mo Should’ve Left This One ‘On The Floor’

On this edition of "When Bad Songs Happen to Great Singers" we have former Missy Elliott protegé Lil' Mo. I once saw Lil' Mo perform at a club in Atlanta three years ago. She was an absolute wild woman, growling and singing and hollering all over the stage while dropping and popping it like it was the end of the month and the rent was due tomorrow. I didn't know whether to be entertained or frightened. Pressing play on her latest track, "On the Floor," brought me right back to that experience, except now I know exactly how I feel about this one. I can't believe this is the same Lil' Mo that brought us hits like "Superwoman (Part II)" and "4Ever" and showed out on Missy's "Hot Boyz" and "All N My Grill." There are so many things wrong with this song. The beat sounds like a Swizz Beatz reject circa 1998, her voice is unnecessarily Auto-Tuned, Fatman Scoop is doing his signature yell all over this remix, and her "rap" is abysmal. I know that artists typically go for a "club-banger" when they've been gone for a while and want to get their name back on the streets, but not like this, Lil' Mo. Not like this. Of course, this is being released in advance of her upcoming album, P.S. I Love Me. I hope the rest of the album isn't like this because, frankly, we all know she can do much better.

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