Beyoncé’s ‘Best’ Just Isn’t Good Enough

Really, Beyoncé? Just when I thought that "Best Thing I Never Had" couldn't get any more lackluster, you go and put out this video. The whole clip can be summed up in one word: Boring. But, because I like a challenge, I'll provide a bit more analysis. The only thing that this video has going for it is the fact that Beyoncé looks amazing. From the scenes in that barely-there lingerie to the gorgeous wedding gown, she looks flawless. As for the clip, I liked it better when it was called "We Belong Together" and it involved a much better song. I kept thinking that maybe the man Bey was addressing would show up at the wedding (in the audience, watching from the sidelines, seeing it on video...something!). Instead, we only get brief glimpses of what appears to be a prom from 1998 and the guy being a serious douche to a supposedly teenaged Beyoncé. The rest is King B posing for the camera and occasionally interacting with other people. Here's a message for you, B: Stop playing with our emotions and release "End of Time" as a single/video and make everyone happy. Thanks.